Dish Cloth Card - Sleeping Moomins

Dish Cloth Card - Sleeping Moomins

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Dish Cloth Card - Sleeping Moomins

This dish cloth card comes with an envelope and paper for a personal note - great idea to give in place of a card as an eco friendly gift.

Eco-friendly dish cloth with beautiful print, this cloth can be washed and reused many times. Absorbs up to 20x its weight it is perfect for mopping up spills, replacing up to 17 rolls of kitchen towel.

The cloths can last months and once they are ready to rest in peace, they can also be composted.

Wash in the washing machine or top rack of the dishwasher.

Material: 70% cellulose and 30% cotton

Made in Sweden.

These dish cloth cards are not part of the 3 for 4 deal.